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Articulate Storyline 2: Timer Challenge

This week challenge is animated timers. I recently needed a timer and although I wanted to create an animated timer I didn’t have time so used a number that counted down.

This is the timer I’ve created:


I got the stop watch image from Pixabay and the tick and alarm sounds from freesound.

I’ve designed it as a template of 3 timers for 10 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds. I’ve used a slide for each one, the timer is in a layer with a small timer at the bottom right. The idea is this is a template, the slide can be imported into a project and the layer shown and hidden when needed .

This is the menu:



To view the timer, click on the timer and it will display it. To use in a project you can import the slide with the appropriate timer.

This is the timer screen:


The navigation text can be removed and content added.

You can find the Storyline file here.

Hope this is useful!


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