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Using Interactive Dials and Knobs in E-Learning #151

This weeks Articulate Storyline challenge is using dials, I love this idea and hadn’t thought of this technique.

I was trying to think of a way to use this and thought it might be good for a colour wheel type activity which is used in hairdressing, particular when correcting colour.

The images I got from Pixabay and the dial click sound for freesounds.

Here is one of the dials:


Click the dial to see how the colour changes when adding the correcting colour.

Now, I’m not a subject specialist so the colours between the primary colour and the neutralising colour don’t equate well in the RGB or CYMK colour scheme of Photoshop. I have forwarded this to Hair and Beauty at the college and they love it. They said they will feedback the correct colours, but I wanted to get this uploaded before the challenge finished so here it is. If it needs any amendments I will update this blog.

You can find the storyline file here.

Hope this is useful!



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  1. Hi Jane, I see the links to your images, sounds and the working file, but I don’t see a link to the demo. Do I need a coffee?


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