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Combining Text and Images in E-Learning #152

This week’s task to combining text and images, this is something that makes up most of the e-learning content and one that I can spend ages trying to get right. Due to my IT background I’m particular about how an e-learning package looks and want it to look professional but also relevant for the user.  As I design packages for students at different levels and both FE and HE and also staff they can all look very different.

An example of a course I did for FE students was one on employability skills, this is the start screen:


I wanted to include an image of the college, and when it animates the line looks like it is drawn before the image and text fades in.

I find layers can be really helpful as it there is a lot of text, image buttons can be used which then displays the text as a “pop-up”, like in this screen from the same package.


In this package, which again is for students, I used a rectangle shapes as an overlay and made it slightly transparent. When you have clicked on a menu option and return, the background image becomes black and white.


For the quiz, I used the bottom of the image as a border to keep a consistent feel.


For professional studies students, they wanted a more professional look, in this screen I used an image where the main focus is in the right, so I could add the text to the left without having to lose any focus of the image by making it transparent.


These are just a few examples as there are many ways of combining images and text. I like the echo effect from a previous challenge which I blogged about here. I also like to either make an image transparent or blurred and a shape overlay can give a slide a polished look too like in this example.



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