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Interactive Piano Scales

I’ve been creating some resources for music theory and I had a brainwave, so I’ve created an interactive Articulate Storyline 2 activity which allows students to practice the major and minor scales.

I’ve kept it simple, the student is given a screen with a piano keyboard, they select all the keys for a chord and when they submit, if correct, will hear the chord played. If the scale is incorrect they can try again.

I’ve showcased it at work and it’s gone down well. All the assets are in the public domain, I got the sounds for Freesounds and the image from Pixabay.

Here is what the question screens look like initially:



When the student selects the keys, this is what it looks like:


You can find the storyline files here, as well as the scorm zip files and assets.

I’m also thinking that it could easily be converted into an assessment where the students pass/fail each question and have to get a percentage to pass the quiz. I’m also thinking of a version where the student gets 3 tries for each question, with 30,20, 10 points for each try. Please feedback with your thoughts. I hope this resource is useful!


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  1. This is really cool, Jane! I have a music teaching challenge in the queue so I’ll reference your example when I post the challenge.


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