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More MOOCing

Due to different circumstances I’ve fallen by the wayside on the Sustainability MOOC, what I’ve learned has been good and I have found it interesting but I found it hard to keep momentum.

I’ve started my second MOOC, Begin Programming: Build Your First Mobile Game which is being run by University of Reading. This course, as was the Sustainability MOOC is being run through FutureLearn, so the structure is the same. I’m really excited about this one as this a real interest of mine.  I was a programmer in industry for over 6 years, and haven’t really done much apart from teaching basic programming to level 3 students. I’m looking forward to refreshing my skills and learning new ones.

The first week is setting up the environment and getting the pre-prepared program up and running. As is usual with technology, this wasn’t a straight forward process and I spent most of the time reading comments trying to figure out what I’d missed as to why the Android emulator wasn’t working and the errors in the code. I think this is where MOOCs can be really unique as the support students give to each other is great and I wouldn’t have got it to work without that.

So after day 1, I’m up and running!


If I get some time this week, I’d like to have a look at the code in more detail, and there are still two optional steps to complete.

I’m also starting a new MOOC on Wednesday, which is both of professional and personal interest. It is run by the University of Minnesota, and professionally I would like to get a comparison how American MOOCs are run, and also how Coursera compares with FutureLearn. The topic “Creative Problem Solving” sounds interesting and I’m looking forward to this course.

So I’ll be multi-MOOCing for the next few weeks.  I hope that I find these two courses engaging, learn and meet like-minded people.